American Crew Boost Powder Review

Published on Wednesday 16 March 2016

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Boost Powder is our number one top selling product in the whole salon. It retails at only £13.45 and is perfect for many types of gents with a wide range of hair styles. Its an anti-gravity powder with a matte finish and builds texture. This miraculous little white powder is perfect for adding density and volume, especially for men with fine and thinning hair. It has strong hold elements whilst still leaving flexibility to remould your luscious mop whenever you wish. The matte elements means no greasy looking shine to your hair and if one day you over sleep and don’t have time to wash your slippery scalp, then a little of this product will keep your hair looking matte whilst covering up the grease.

Directions for use: Make sure your hair is completely dry before use... not towel dry I know how lazy us guys can be. Lightly tap your pot of powder evenly on your hair (for maximum benefits make sure the powder gets down to your roots). With your finger-tips spread evenly around your scalp and then mould and sculpt your hair into the desired shape.

I hope everyone gets on with this product, if you want to try it first pop into the salon and test it out.