Published on Wednesday 23 March 2016

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The Amazing Intragen Anti Hair Loss Shampoo & Treatment by Revlon.

Hair growth is a constant phenomenon in which hair renews itself naturally. During a normal cycle hair grows, rests, and falls out with the aim of leaving room for new hairs. The duration of the hair cycle varies depending on age and the length and thickness of the hair.
We naturally lose hair each day but when this loss exceeds 80 to 100 hairs daily, i.e. over 25% of the total hair amount, it is recommended that you should consult your hairdresser.

It is recommendable to begin an anti hair loss treatment that will regenerate the hair. The ANTI HAIR LOSS range, which consists of Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and Anti Hair Loss Treatment, protects and repairs the various different structures of the hair follicle, delaying its ageing and therefore its loss.

It consist of 3 ingredients that act upon the factors causing hair loss:

  • Reduces the amount of hairs lost thanks to Oleanolic acid.
  • Stimulators of hair microcirculation, through apigenin, which increases the availability of nutrients and oxygen in the hair follicles, which develop more strongly and healthily. 
  • Enhances anchoring the hair to the scalp, a derivative of vitamin H has an anti-age effect on the hair and acts from the root.