The Mysterious Movements of a Suave Gentleman

Published on Wednesday 16 March 2016

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No matter how much ladies say they love a ‘ruff round the edges’ kind of guy, the groomed gentleman will always come off better... trust me, I know. But I'm definitely not talking about some normalton with a regular fit suit draped over him, trousers so long that covers your 3 year old ‘shitflickers’ where your follows you four paces behind your every step. NO NO NO. Neither do I mean a gent with a beard shaved so close that it looks like you’ve just lost a battle with a waxing strip... no mater how nice and smooth that may be. I'm talking about that wonderful guy on the front of every magazine showcasing the next £2000 Louis Vuitton 2 piece. But lets be honest, none of us are that guy, yet all of us could be and I'm going to tell you all how to in a cost effective, eye-drawing, superior sex appeal kind of way. So lets begin.



No-one... and I mean this when I say it... no-one needs a regular fit suit. I don’t care wether you eat a years supply of donuts every hour. YOU DON'T NEED ONE. But then again if you eat a years supply of donuts every hour maybe a tailored look isn’t for you.

Shops like next are perfect for everyday suits, work suits and event suits. They have a major variety which are up-to-date with fashion and are mostly under £120 for a two-piece. They offer four fits. Skinny, Slim, Tailored... and regular. They also have a higher end Italian wool section called Signature if you wanted to dish out extra bucks... but quite frankly, you really don’t need to. They have an excellent team of sales consultants who are trained to measure collar sizes for shirts and to visually judge the size and fit of the suit youre looking for... based on your body proportions.



Now I know what it feels like to wear the brightest suit in town with so many colours and patterns it looks like I have just been caught in the middle of paintball game. But sometimes more is less. As we all know. So next time you see a suit bright blue pinstriped suit, or a crazy red checked suit. GO FOR IT. And it really will look great. Because this time your going to be confident in wearing it and your going to wear it right. So some little tips. Just because you are wearing a coloured suit doesn’t mean you cant wear a coloured shirt or tie... YOU  CAN. Just make sure that a) you don’t have any colours that contradict each other and b) you don’t have the same shades of the same colour. Also don’t confuse your self. If you have a checked suit on, stay far away from a checked or even patterned shirt. A nice cotton pastel colour will go great.



Wether its the hair on you head or the wire on your chin. Keep it looked after and it'll look after you. Here at Indy hair we stock one of the worlds best male grooming products, American Crew. What you need to do is to go to your local Turkish barbers (the closest shave and cheapest price) Indy and I prefer M&S barbers on Narborough Road. Now if you style is just a clean shave... go for it, a goatee, go for it, a mustache, go for it, or if u love a full beard, go for it. They will shave around the edges, moisturize and treat your beard so it looks less like some amazon forestry and more like a well trained bonsai... I guess. You should be able to bag yourself a shave or tidy up for less than £7. Now for your hair. It would be utterly pointless if you had the worlds most groomed beautiful beard if you had a greasy old mop resting above your brows. Keep hair off your face. God gave us beauty for a reason, lets embrace ourselves and enhance our looks. Yes long hair is now in for guys but that doesn’t mean we can just have it dangling everywhere. Keep it classy and smart with the manbun. For those masculine alfa-males whose hair has never been past their ears... that's fine too, brush it back off your face and keep your sides short and in between every hair cut you should pop in to get just your sides done. Now once you have been pampered to perfection you need to keep yourself looking fresh. We stock different products from American Crew that’ll keep you looking fresh.  You can use there 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and shower gel, the Moisturizing Shave gel to apply before your shave for a smooth glide and after to keep skin and beard moisturized and then a product like Boost Powder for your hair to keep it thick molded and matte. These three products can be purchased from us for under £35. And will last you a while.



These days nothing is just for girls. Accessories are definitely not. Get rid of your manly posture destroying back pack and reach for the man bag or a satchel. Not only are they 100x easier and comfier to carry, they're also sleek, smart and stylish. Perfect for laptops and work as nothing gets creased and bent and because your carrying it you are more aware you have it so your less likely to dent your brand new macbook pro.