The INDY experience is all about the
people, our clients, a team of 17 stylists and the
community. Every member is not
only trained, but also nurtured,
ensuring they have the confidence and
ability to deliver our unique salon
experience for each and every client.


Even before Indy Hair was established in 1996 ‘word of mouth’ was my philosophy of becoming a successful stylist. I didn’t agree with luring clients with gimmicks. I wanted my work to be a true assessment of my artistic ability. Clients were and are my best advertisement. Recommendations and loyalty are the greatest measure of success and also keep egos in check. #wordofmouth is the key.

From the early days of a small salon on Churchgate the foundation of Indy was started. Following our unique path we grew rapidly and within a year moved into a beautiful space on Loseby Lane. With a bigger team and no name on the door, we had to ensure that our work spoke for itself and that the Indy reputation grew. It did and we moved to our current location. We still decline from having our name put on the façade, but a firm foundation and clarity of purpose has maintained a consistency in our reputation and a loyal and growing clientele.


Dani is the unsung hero of Indy Hair, working as Salon Manager and a Senior Stylist.

Dani is dedicated in both the business and creative side of her work, taking responsibility for business strategy as well as all of the behind the scenes activities associated with a successful salon; from HR and recruitment to finance, health & safety and stock control.

Dani’s drive for success was clear right from the start, as a finalist for apprentice of the year.

She’s is an integral member of the Indy Hair family and remains committed to providing the best customer care to her ever loyal clientele.


Leigh is the Artistic Director of the creative team at Indy Hair, salon trainer and senior stylist. Dedicated to creating the ‘best you’ for her loyal clientele, Leigh also teaches courses in London and nationwide for ghd and has worked all over the world on shows, shoots and TV campaigns. For the past 6 years Leigh has also styled at London Fashion Week supporting PPQ, Sass and Bide and House of Holland.

Leigh has worked on the X Factor, styling stars like Little Mix, as well as being the ‘go to girl’ for Spencer from Made in Chelsea for the cover of his book. Alongside all of this she secured a place on the highly coveted Fellowship for British Hairdressing F.A.M.E. Team which brought her international travel, and the opportunity to work with the world’s most highly respected hairdressing icons. “I enjoy working in every avenue of hairdressing, but my clients are my backbone, they're my priority, I owe so much to their support.”


The reception team at Indy Hair in Leicester are an integral part of the Indy Experience. They are highly trained and fully versed in all aspects of hair styling and hair care, they get to know each and every client personally, ensuring that each visit to the Indy Hair salon is a joy.

The whole team at Indy Hair all believe in ‘our way’ of working. Sure it is harder, as we give 110% to every client, each time they come in, encouraging a relaxed, yet confident atmosphere that is the envy of other salons.

Our constant education, nurtured passion within the team and loyalty have been the framework of our winning formula.

Emerging Talent

Our team at Indy Hair are the fabric of our business. Our Hairdressing Assistants ensure that clients receive the very best possible service and support our stylists so they can deliver their best every day. As a company we invest heavily in the future, offering an unrivalled training program, delivered by our creative team.

Our Assistants are assessed for hair product knowledge, blow-drying and health and safety, moving on to evenings of practical training with models, who enjoy the full Indy client experience. During these training sessions new techniques are developed and existing skills become perfectly honed.

Model days are every Thursday. To enquire about being a model call 0116 2517170

(All models require a skin test 48 hours prior to any colour services.)

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